Hi, I'm Jesse Chan-Norris, a technology consultant.

I work with growing engineering teams, helping them operate more efficiently and effectively by providing both technical and senior leadership services.

I specialize in Ruby and Ruby on Rails but have extensive generalized web experience and have worked on projects including code audits, performance improvements, SQL optimizations, cloud deployments, and more. I would love to to hear how I can help your organization.

You can follow me on ruby.social, twitter, or email and say hi.

The Awesome Foundation

I maintain the open source grant application software that powers The Awesome Foundation, a global giving collective which has funded over $6 million dollars in grants worldwide since 2009. I am the dean of the New York City chapter which makes a $1,000 grant every month to an awesome project in NYC.


I am the co-creator and operator of imood.com, one of the web's earliest social networks. Online since 1999, imood was one of the first web apps to ask, "how are you feeling today?" and allows users to share and follow their friends moods over time. Some of our users have been setting their moods for over 20 years.

Other Work

I organized GORUCO, the Gotham Ruby Conference, New York's premier Ruby conference, co-founded and operate LiveBio, a website builder for performing artists, co-founded the online music collaboration platform Indaba Music (acquired by Splice in 2018), was the Chief Architect at OpenFan (acquired in 2019), and worked with bike sharing company Citi Bike / Motivate during its launch and early growth in New York City.

While I spend most of my time these days working with products that live on the web, I also have been a photographer, theatrical lighting designer, and management consultant.

Elsewhere on the Web

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